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Welcome to Frank Farms!

We are out of peaches, and our U-pick is now closed.
We will not be open for Apples or any other crops this year.
  You can still order frozen fruit, we will continue to have that year round. 
 See below for more information regarding frozen fruit.
  Thank you!

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Frank Farms Frozen Fruit
Frozen Fruit customers are able to order directly from this site, just click on the item you would like to order in the left or right margin.
You may also call 269-461-4125 if you have questions about ordering or would like us to place an order for you.
If you would like to pickup frozen fruit, please call to schedule a pick up day and time with Joy.
The Frozen Fruit is no longer at the same location as the U-pick and fruit stand.
Frozen Fruit Address:
8142 E. Eureka Rd.
Eau Claire, MI 49111

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